Monday, July 4, 2011

#341 - Gay Induction II

After the good success of ratings, tonight I post another video of Vittoria.
This Gay induction is longer than the first, even if quiet incomplete.
However i'm sure you'll find it really interesting.

Anna Malice

PS I feel myself really alone these days, I would like more interaction with you! ;)


  1. Oooo I loved this! She can be my mistress anytime!

  2. Anna, doll, you keep finding new ways to bring me to the edge...and I *love* it.


  3. We may not all post comments or give the proper praise for all your hard work but you are not alone. Though we may mostly be silent you have an army of fans and pervs stopping by to fapfapfap all because of you. :) Just think if only 1/4 of the people who have stopped by so far have shot a load to your vids can you image how much cum that would be!? Someone get me a barrel and a really big straw.. :P JX

  4. I'm usually not into humiliation stuff but these videos are soooooo hot! I love being encouraged to become a sissy cock slut!

    I'm sorry to hear you're feeling lonely! Um, You could email me if you want to talk, but I can't promise timely correspondence. I don't get to surf as a sissy much. I hope you feel better!

  5. A few moths ago I didn't believe in hypnosis and stuff. Now I am sitting here in a miniskirt bikini top and panties and enjoy totally this hot clip.

    xxx martin

  6. thanks you all, thanks to all your comments, thanks to be here with me everyday, thanks to suffer me and to support me, thanks to save me to the oblivion!
    it's so precious to hear your voices, to read what you think and also what you prefer, you dont know how is important for me! ;)
    with love

  7. She is sooo right. I'd love to be her pet-fag. Wrapping my red lips around his rod for her amusement and my emasculation. -sigh-

  8. Hunnie, I will cry so much if you were able to get any of these videos by Miss Dylan!
    -Passable Crossdresser Transformation
    -A Very Sissy Halloween
    -Deep Anal Penetration Instruction
    -Gay ‘Best Friend’
    -Gay Bestfriend Part 2 – The 2nd Meeting

    Please i beg you so much! iloveyou!

  9. Youre Amazing!!

    Thank you for your videos!!



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