Sunday, July 31, 2011

#422 - Pump the cum by Annamalice

this is the end.. my only friend, the end... ;))
well, I hope to return on september with more great stuff to post..
even if hypno stuff actually is really not so much!
anyway after more of five mounths, of a continuing post,
I'm sure to deserve an holiday! ;))
I leave you.. 125 truly hypnotic videos.. (really everything i have found free to post)
and more than 400 various porn videos to watch!
our next date.. is on the first of september..
I want to tell you many thanks for all your support..
for hundreds of emails you have sent me
(forgive me in the last times i hadn't the time to answer to all)
I hope to have entertained you with intelligence and intensity.
I leave you my last creation: Pump the cum..
unfortunately.. conversion process of this video is not complete
I suppose that megaporn will increase the quality in the next hours!
anyway, enjoy it! ;)
with love

Anna Malice


  1. Hi Anna--

    Wonderful hypnotic sexy video! You're the best baby girl!

    Have a wonderful vacation but don't forget about us. We
    love what you do to us and we love you!

  2. Thank you soooo much for all of your hard work and dedication. Your videos surpass all others.
    I hope you have a well deserved vacation.
    -Love Alex

  3. thank you for all the fun nights we have had together i love you so much and will be waiting like a puppy till you are refreshed and ready to return

  4. We'll be waiting for you, have a nice time!

  5. ANNA!!!! unica come sempre!"!! :x

  6. Well I have to say I'm sad to hear that you're leaving for a month. I just stumbled across your blog in the last week or two and I have to say I'm in a sissified version of heaven; filled with juicy cocks, feminized bodies, and a mitigated effort to join the two.
    I hope you cum back soon, as you'll be sorely missed by the bizzaro sissy blog community.

  7. As always The ones you put together are by far the best

    I will miss you as we all will go have Fun

    Love Ya Kisses Carla

  8. Anna this is by far the best blog on the net, thanks so much for all your hard work, cant wait to see u back baby

  9. This was great, loved it that much i posted it on my own page! Thanks hun

  10. Thanks Anna - you are the best! See you in September! xxxoooxxx

  11. This is just a collection of old posts with new sound interesting.
    How about creating a ..."Urging big tits trainer " ?

  12. so awesome. I loved this one. mmmmm made me so horny for cock

  13. Now that was a great video! I loved how it incorporated the video from post #134 which in my opinion is one of the best on this site-at least for its possible hypnotic qualities. Great work!-pussyboi

  14. I have been a submissive little sissy cock-slut for many years now and your video clips simply send me to Heaven as they remind me that I am a slave to Cock now and only get fucked by men because my soft, limp, teeny, tiny clit nubbin is too small weak and wimpy to ever be anything other than a clittie.....and.....I am NOW ADDICTED TO BLACK COCK BURIED DEEP IN MY BOI-CUNT as my little limp clittie bobs back and forth and up and down as HIS POWERFUL DOMINANT REAL MAN'S COCK gives me a constant reminder of why I am a feminized, sissified little fuck-toi dollie 4 BLACK BULLS......

    Your limp-wristed, soft, tiny clittie ass-wiggling sissy fuck-toi,

    ms. karli kunt

  15. Please do cum back. I just found you.

  16. Ciao Anna, this video is SO FUCKING HOT!!! Your videos are so beautiful. The graphic layering is very sophisticated and I really like the the paning in and out how looks like there is depth to the screen. Also the pace is perfect - fast but not crazy fast.
    Since I just found your site yesterday I want to also compliment you on the blog design - VERY COOL! I love your open-mouth (to receive HIM!) banner icon too. Are you a designer?
    One more compliment: I really, really like that you seem to put the same attention into selecting the linked content you post as you have given the page design.
    Miei complimenti a te! Ciao-Ciao

  17. Zoe.. many many thanks..
    I'm only an amateur.. for sure, not a professionist
    I'm really surprised of the success of this blog..
    i suppose, a combination of hard work and lucky elements.. ;)
    thanks again

  18. all video here make me crazy am masturbate 12 hours a day ty baby anna xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. I found this video anna! it is on xvideos just googled pump the cum! and there it is! so Awesome to find it I love this video and all you do Dena


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