Friday, July 8, 2011

#353 - Summer Bimbotization by Bimbo Barbie

Good evening sissies and Lords.. tonight, as often in the last times,
I have the great honor to host a new creation made expressly for you, followers.. ;)
Bimbo Barbie, a sweet and lovely sissy friend from France, loves Bimbos and Barbies hypnosis,
and she wants to create a special video for our sissy summer!
She is inspired from two precedent posts of this blog #25 - Bimbotization 2 and #209 - Bimbo hypnosis
(two classics, i suppose), and she invite you to have a look at them,
just to undestand the tecnique she used to make.. and before to send a comment about her job!
In my opinion, this is a great stuff indeed! I really love the music choise... yes, it's a touch of sun and warm.. as this summer season deserves! I love the way she made it.. captions... a softly progress in the addiction messages.. all is really cool!!
Bravò, Barbie.. and many thanks! you are a great performer.. Infact I look you in this video! ;)))
Whatching two and three times i consider this clip a superb creation!
softly subliminal.. as only a real sissy could understand!
take a look, enjoy and please her with your comments,
pleaseeee.. dont be shy! ;)

Anna Malice


  1. Hi,
    I's Barbie,
    I'm so proud to be posted here, I didn't expect that!!!!
    I was just doing a video to show to Anna, and have her advices about it, because it's my first flash Hypnosis video, with a little subliminal ;) I let you find it... No, don't search it!!! Just relax, have a look.
    I just did this hypnosis, because I can't find any hypnosis on bikinis and to be honest, the season is a bit hot to wear other things like great lingerie, than just a tiny bikini, so I hope after seeing it, you'll wear a bikini immediately even your girlfriend's one!!!
    Feel free to contact me:
    Feel free to tell me your opinions and your advices because it's my first vid!
    Ask me anything you want to know about the vid!
    Many kisses!
    P.S: I just did a preset for SubViewer if some know this soft, I'm on Subviewer3 Yahoo group, but if you want to have the preset, feel free to contact me.It's about Nurse Theme :p

  2. Such a fun and sexy video! I really want to get myself a sexy bikini, find a private beach with a ton of hot guys, and beg them to make me their bimbo beach bunny barbie sex slave!

    Thank you so much for making this Bimbo Barbie and thank you as always for sharing such wonderful videos Anna!

  3. lovely bikini parties for sis, oiled, happy.
    we need this great motivation, mOOre tan lines,
    love summer, smotish skin, lingerie, pink
    yes, relax, enjoy the sun.
    great job barbie, go ahead, give us mOOre.
    help us mOOre fabulous feminine training
    sissy love U training

  4. That was awesome!! I felt like it was made just for me :)

  5. WOW ! What an awesome & effective & fun video. & that was your 1st vid I can only imagaine what your next one is like.

    I want to put on a bikini & go to the beach right this second & have some fun. I totally 100% agree with all of the above comments.

    Thanks sooo much to both Barbie & Anna.

    P.S. I will soo be contacting you to talk & for the subviewer preset you made. I cant wait & Im glad somone is still making them.

    Love, Noel xoxo

  6. hi i like this one the best of all, so peacefull and bimboish awesome job bon giorno

  7. gonna go get my bikini on and get some tan lines! ;-)

  8. Hi,
    this is really a hot sexy video, so many pretty girls, perfect to jack off to, but I don't really see, that there are subliminal messages, and how it would make a bimbo.
    Lucki ;)

  9. These hypnosis movies are really starting to work on me. It's been like 4-5 months and today I started thinking about sucking cock and got horny as fuck. Getting excited and worried at the same time... Thanks soooo much for this blog never knew how hot this could be.

  10. Barbie again, to answer to Lucki, that's perfect you don't see where are the subliminal messages ;) it's the goal!
    When you see messages, it's not subliminal, they have to be hidden ;)
    To help you, they are some fast images, and in the music, I hide some messages too.
    But don't search to find them, continue just to look at it without thinking of subliminal.

  11. @Barbie: well, my problem is, that I'm too curious, I already searched and found some, not the stuff in the music you mentioned, so. And I'm not really the man for bikini ;) :D

  12. This made me sad and jealous and i wanted to cry.-pussyboi

  13. wow a verry goood vid ! aw yeah goood...girls must to wear bikinis! aaaand i really neeed...water now!!! *giggles*

  14. I'm wearing a bikini right now and lovin' it!

  15. Please help me. Help me. Help me to find some presets in italian language. It's very important for me. I want to be hypnotized. I need to be hypnotized to be free my secret feminine part. Help me.

  16. Hi Ms. Anna, Any Chance You can Repost this video as well. I do not understand why all the Bimbo Videos get removed but it suks :( Thank You for Reposting Ultimate Barbie and Hope you will this one as well! Luv You!!!! ****ShAnNoN*****


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