Monday, July 11, 2011

#362 - Ladyboy hypnosis

As you rememeber, I told you about this clip,
when I have posted the modified version, my last creation..
#335 - Born this way by Annamalice
This is the original one, file name sublts(2),
of course it's a little bit longer than mine.
enjoy and have a good day!

your Mistress
Anna Malice

PS I recived tens of emails and messages.. you shouted all your support to me with a so loud voice!
many many thanks for this energy, I really deserved! ;)


  1. Hi AnnaMalice, please dont let the haters distract you from what you are trying to do here. There are always those who will trash anything just to trash it. You have accumulated the largest file of hypno in the particular fetish so many loyal followers have obviously found 1M hits cant be wrong.

    Perhaps the poll instead of "thanks Anna but I don't like" replaced with "thanks Anna but I don't like and I promise never to come back and complain like a pain in the neck" LOL

    The work you are doing is hard. I saw one or two movies that were not my perfect fetish and moved to the ones I like. there is no need for complaining when you do so much for free for us!!!! this site rules!! I love you sweetie, Richelle xoxo

  2. Thanks for finding and posting these videos Anna!!!

  3. Be strong, thanks a lot for all your great and hard work. I like to be a sissy and people like you are very important for people like me. Thanks a lot Anna!!!

  4. I made this one originally - your version is better!

  5. well Anonymous,
    you made the biggest effort..
    i put only music and some captions.. nothing special!
    Many thanks to you!
    write me if you want
    many thanks

  6. lovely models, sweetie pic, belive,
    mOOre anna, gOOd job, thaks

  7. I want this so bad - my cocklet is ruined for women. I used to love fucking women but now I can only get hard watching gay porn or with a thick cock in my ass (boi-pussy). Your site is helping me become the sissy faggot I was meant to be - I have accepted cock as my God, my savior, my only reason for being alive.

    I love you Anna

  8. I want a ladyboy to be my girlfriend.


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