Saturday, July 2, 2011

#335 - Born this way by Annamalice

Well, dear followers, we are close to the millionth pageview,
I think, making a new video is the best way to celebrate the event,
to give you thanks, cause you are here everyday togheter with me!
so, tonight, another hypno video managed by me, then, another disaster, I suppose. ;)
It's not really an original one, because i have worked on an hypno video just ready to post.
However inspiration is inspiration and I couldnt fight against my creative impulses,
then i used the famous song of the goddess Gaga (by Swanson Electro Remix),
managed and remixed myself again, to give a new sense to the original hypno video I have found.
I'll post the original one in the next days, it's a little longer than mine,
but in my opinion, it misses something, cause it is sound without.
Anyway enjoy this personal version, and, if you want, post a comment.

yours Anna Malice


  1. Such a beautiful video! It makes me feel like I truly am born to be a pretty cocksucking asian lady boy! Please somebody make me a sexy sissy slave!!

  2. Just some words to say that i love
    this new kind of vidéo from you.
    It's perfect , original and the music is
    in rythm with the pictures we are on a sissy
    Good work

  3. Great video, Anna!!! I love the imagery and message... this is such a great way of embracing what is natural and good. More like this, please.

  4. Perfect Anna. I absolutely love it.

  5. singles ladies, that's it, gOOdd sissy obey
    relax, lOOk panties, high heels, dress, make
    relax, exercises , training, fabolous fem,
    mOOre and mOOre sissy, natural sissy.
    dance, shake u ass sisters...
    need nice legs, smOOthish and sex sissy
    prof vid for pleasure moments

  6. does anyone want suggest me the lyrics for the next video?!?
    As you know my english is not so good and i'm truly open to good suggestions for the captions to add! ;))

  7. you could use thing like: its ok to be a sissy, love your sissy ways, being a sissy is a life of happiness and cocks, Love will come to the sissy who loves cocks, a happy sissy is a healthy sissy,
    to love cocks is to love being a sissy

  8. That was really sweet and pretty, the ladyboys were so cute. i liked it better than the bikini bimbos that make me jealous and wanting to cry. I love your web site Anna, it is so amazing and you've done so much for all us sissies, hugs and kisses-pussyboi

  9. FANTASTIC VIDEO !!!!......I have fought my secret taboo desires and fetishes my whole life and was taught as a young boi to try to be a "Macho Male"......However, my "Normal", "Natural" feminine desires, needs and fantasies kept returning and forced me to eventually acknowledge, accept and embrace my feminin characteristics.....I have loved cock ever since I was 4 years old and have always wanted to take the feminine role.....It is sooo comforting to watch a video like this one. Thanks for producing it.

    Your submissive little sissy pantydoll,

    ms. karli kunt

  10. I think this was great.

    The internet has done wonders for us!! Back in the day us older gurls for the most unless you lived in a large city.

    You were pretty much on your own dealing with your feelings and desires.Having been born this way which I took to like it was natural

    Thank you so much Anna.


  11. roxanne5551@yahoo.caJuly 24, 2011 at 6:40 AM

    I really enjoy your videos. I watch them every day. roxanne5551

  12. Truly beautiful sentiment and delivery

  13. Of all your videos this one hits me the hardest, completely breakes through all resistance at the level of the soul. It really is a beautiful masterpiece. Thank you so much for sharing, I only wish I had my own copy of it.
    Hugs Suexxx


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