Tuesday, July 19, 2011

#384 - Ghost Fuckers In The Sky by Felicia Lightner

Instead of the daily D&F collection clip,
today, I'm really honored to host a new creation made expressly for this blog!
a nice and well conceived homage by our lovely friend Felicia Lightner!

Anna Malice


  1. THanks Felicia & Anna. YEEHAW ! Great vid loved the syncing & the girls. I wish one of them was me of course hee hee. Love ya both - Noel xoxo.

  2. "SADDLE UP BOYS we're gonna rope us some sissy ass!" Just when you thought you've seen everything, SHEMALES OF THE OLD WEST! And why the hell not? Very creative idea, i just loved the ass-slapping effects, made my pussy-ass quiver. "Un-holster those pistols boys, it's time to ride bareback!"-pussyboi

  3. I'm your wild horse, cowboy, ride me! YEE-HAW!!!

  4. I still love this video! I would have called it "Blazing Assholes" though, but that's just me.-pussyboi


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