Tuesday, June 7, 2011

#260 - Lexi Mistress - Lexi makes you cum on your own face

The last of Lexi, unfortunately,
about her, the greatest, just for now, i have finished videos to post ;(
enjoy and say goodbye!
Lexi Lapetina, Anna Malice will love you in eternity!


  1. Thank you for another wonderfully humiliating Mistress Lexi video!

  2. I personally hate this cunt and the last two videos presented by her were a bore, first she expects you to cum by just looking at her face, babe I can't even get it up looking at that stupid smug looking face, than there's this particular piece of shit that i shut off in the first few seconds because of her stupid ass statement "your horny aren't you" "you're always horny..." well duhhh! If i wasn't horny why would i be on this site, what a dunce this broad is!!!

  3. @Anonymous:
    Darling, I think you totally misbehave with your comment! If you don´t like it, okay! But Our lovley host Anna, enjoyed it, and as she wrote in the title it´s the last, of the this videos. So why you don´t shut up and leave it? Otherwise do your own blog! Be a little more thankfull for all of Anna´s time and efforts!
    Only my two pence....

  4. @Lola:
    Honey I am only responding to Anna's request for comments, I love her stuff but this piece of crap is got to be the most boring cunt on line, thank goodness it's the last vid she will post of Lexi cuntface mistress. By the way Anna did mention that she welcomes all comments positive or negative, but thank you for your response, I am pretty certain you are a hot little number when you are dressed, furthermore if I had the time I would love to start up my own blog, but alas that is not in the stars.

  5. I encourage every kind of comments, here.. better if polite, of course!
    Blog is open as it should be! this is its own spirit, and i'm strong enough to suffer some criticism.
    Comments should be about the videos posted only, never about other people. I can't tolerate bad words against others!
    anyway Anonymous, it's not a problem you dont like the posts, lexi or others, seriously, it doesn't matter.. I introduce also a new kind of category when you rate the posts "I hate Anna Malice" just to work off every type of emotion, also against me, and i see someone enjoy it!
    It should be nice to have well motivated critics.
    I only would like everyone write their name when they put their opinions! this is my request when you post a comment!
    If someone has other to tell me.. could send me an email, sure i'll answer to him.
    Of course I'm not here.. to satisfy every user's request! Blog is mine, taste is mine.. i'm free to post what i want... expecially what i'm able to find free to share (and hypno video are rare).
    on the other hand, unfortunately I have just found a new video of Lexi to post.. oppss.. i'm sorry! ;)

  6. lexi is amazing.
    she knows what she's doing,
    no need to talk crap about her just because you
    don't like what shes doing.
    god bless her.

  7. Thank you Anna, ti ingrazia molto, Io ti ammo con tutto il miei cuore e mi piace tanto a vedere le tuoi video ma questa Lexi mi gratte a male, per favore sonno italiano ma ho venuto a l'america quanto tenevo sei anni e la mia grammatica e un puo povero scusi mi chiamo francesca o francine in inglese, continua commo fai e grazie che il miei opinione teneno valore come le opinione buone. Anna whether you respond in english or italian I understand it very well, I speak it, read it and try to write but as I said my Italian grammar has always been my biggest stumbling block, I hope you understood my Italian response despite the grammar, thank you and keep giving us these quality vids, I always look forward to them when I visit your blog.

    Love you,

    francine (aka francesca)

  8. @Anonymous:

    To each his or her own, I personally do not think to highly of lexi luthor and I am entitled to my opinion, as Anna mentioned all comments are welcome, you like her stuff than enjoy them... Have a wonderful night.


  9. Francine what a beautiful message in italian, i'm touched! I love you too! ;)
    i'm here to entertain all the people who like the genre.. it's not so common, and just to feel myself less alone!
    I love Lexi.. and also Lex Luthor (a sly)! people so different eachother as we generally are.
    All you said you hate about her.. it's what i like more of her.. is it strange?!? sure.. forgive when i'll post something else about her!
    a big kiss

  10. Grazie Anna, mi sento molto piacere che sei capito il mio italiano, molt bace a te pure e un grando abbracio.

    con amore


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