Thursday, June 2, 2011

#245 - MistressT punishes in latex

maybe pov humiliation movies are not your favorite,
videos by Lexi Lapetina or Minxie are not really hypnotic, of course
maybe they are only explicit conditioning,
I'm sure that I like them for this reason.
MistressT is a new discover for me, she is erotic and fetish at the same time.
I find in her something innocent and something dirty sinful.
tonight i ask you to empathize with the submissive role
while she works on you as the sissy you are.. ;)


  1. Lovely Anna,
    Once again You are in my mind....

    i do not normally like POV humiliation, preferring to imagine myself as one of the performers in a porn scene... or let myself get tranced by sissy training vids.....

    But Mistress T IS captivating, i feel like She is talking to me.. i believe Her... She catches me...

    i saw another vid of Her (maybe when She makes Her lover's cum on Her sissy's chest, then She jerks Her lover's beautiful cock into the camera... onto my face, my mouth...

    Anna - that vid got my full load into my mouth! AND i WANTED MORE! i didn't lose my sexy feeling after my sissy cum - and i didn't even want to cum (i edge for a few days normally). But She TOOK it from me. She MADE me EAT it - AND WANT MORE!. She made me a true cum pig! On my chin, my chest, my lips, my teeth and tongue - AND i WANTED MORE!

    Making me chubby just thinking about that morning!

    Anyway, i agree - She is HOT! (and i'm not sure why... hehe!)

    Dick Wadd

  2. Found it!


    Dick Wadd

  3. I guess I'm not a fan of POV and please stop with these broads, I want to see more submissive TG vids dominated by men.


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