Sunday, June 19, 2011

#296 - Fuck me now by Felicia Lightner

For this Sunday night i have the big pleasure to host again
the fabolous creations of Felicia Lightner.
I think she is a great artist of hypnotic videos and presets, and not only..
None is able to catch the right mood, like her,
with a plus of taste and class that i really envy!
On Her Blog you could find a lot of new videos, in high quality format (more than here)
she is so nice to create this kind of videos free for every sissy sister, like me!
It's not easy to made an hypno video, it needs a lot of patience and time,
attention to every detail, to every choise, to the timing of every movie second,
so i think she deserve your total attention too! ;)

be good, be positive, be proud, be yourself!
a big kiss

Anna Malice


  1. VERY HOT! My boi-pussy is wet and hungry for a huge throbbing cock to take possession of me and make me your sissy-bitch. Warm and pulsing deep inside, stretching me, filling me with hot cum, showing me to be the weak emasculated pussy that i am-Mmmmmm. I also liked the CCR track.-pussyboi

  2. AMAZING !!!!....You clearly understand the feverish little mind of a sissy bimbo cock-slut like me.....It was as thought you had read my mind or watached and heard me when I'm getting fucked.....helpless....a prisoner of my own desires....owned by cock....controlled by cock....insatiable for cock in my PUSSY....wimpering, moaning, yelping, squeeling, screaming and crying out with the overwhelming erotic pleasure fo that Big, Thick, Long, Hard COCK penetraing, stretching, plunging, plowing, stroking and owning my PUSSY and my SOUL !!!!....My Black Domme only allows me release once per year....and....I almost lost it by the end of this video...Oooo...It was just soooo FUCKING HOT !!!....She would have punished me sooo severely if I had gone over the edge that I didn't...but...I desperately wanted to soo bad just from your images and text.

    Your slutty insatiable ass pussy for cock
    ms. karli kunt


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