Saturday, June 18, 2011

#293 - TS long hypno

Well, hypno videos are quiet finished and maybe this blog also!
Anyway, tonight I'm proud to post a great new original run, never seen before!
it's an high quality video, long and really effective,
so, enjoy it!
kisses from your loving sissy friend ;))

Anna Malice


  1. That was the greatest thing I have ever seen in my life ! :D

    I absolutley loved it !

    It was so well done it's crazy.

    I wish I could make a hypno vid like this one day.

    I hope your blog isn't finished & I hope these type of hypno vids aren't finished either but, if they are I will miss them & I will miss you as well Anna.

    Love Ya Tons & Best Wishes, Noel.

  2. OMG - that was the best hypno vid ever! i was tranced right from the begining! What amazing and beautiful blends of images!

    Please, Please, Please! if You ever make this available for download, please tell us!

    This is sooo great! i am only sad to think You may go.... i will miss Your work...

    Please Anna, if you do leave - please list where you get such wonderful vids. Who makes this? Did you? i need to thank the creator.

    Dick Wadd

  3. Hi Anna,

    I've visited your blog a couple of times now and it's starting to become real adDICKtive! This video is another gem among the many gems that already brighten your blog. I know i will be coming back again and again. Thank you so much for posting all this great material!

    xx Lisa, an aspiring tgirl from holland

    PS. Could you please tell me which musicvideo fades in around 2:23, it think it's very hot!!

  4. Damn!!! See and Feel The Feminine; The "POWER" that is Female! Wonderfully displayed Video demonstrating a Manifestation of Belief in one's Self and Image... *****ShAnNoN*****

  5. If i lived in Italy i would make you mine baby. Then i would find us both some cock to worship together. Love you ;)

  6. Anna,
    This is one of the best hypno videos ever. I love the imagery in it.
    But Please don't leave us! I love this blog so much and all the work you put into it and I'd be sad to see you go :)

  7. please don't go...

    your videos keep getting better.. no one else has the skills much less the artistry to do what you do..

  8. Thank you Anna for this Vidéo you have found.
    It's so great than i think it's already famous and classic.
    i love the mix of différents pictures and clip together and the rythm of the music sound good.
    one word "perfect"

  9. I'm really happy you liked this clip!! I forget where i found this clip.. there are a lot of servers.. i'm sorry!
    Auralcummer you blush me! ;))
    anyway the blog is quiet finished because i finished to hypno videos to post! It's not my will!
    thanks to all

  10. Fabulous work Anna. Please keep this wonderful blog going. x

  11. Please please please please please please please keep this up! Please!

  12. hi! this is awesome girl!
    can you tell me what music videos are showing on the background? I'm dying to know! specially the one in black and white... perfectness! thank you!

  13. A great video!

    Can anyone help me to find the musics title ?
    Whats the name of the song ?

  14. Oh Anna! What a hot and wonderful hypno clip. Thank you gurl. And I do know what it feels like for a girl. Please don't stop blogging. xx

  15. Many thanks sissydoll, please dont stop to comment ;))

  16. Anna,

    This is the most inspiring hypno video my eyes have seen.

  17. I've found this one on (all letters) and emailed it to Anna so she can post it. If you go to this board you can find a link to a full-size HD video of it for everyone to download. Enjoy.


  18. Where on the board? That board is huge!

  19. Yeah, what's the music that fades in after that beginning part? The music video in black and white that was playing too looked pretty cool too. Anyone know the title of either one of those?

  20. Music is Above & Beyond remix of "What it feels like for a girl" by Madonna.

    Video as 2:23 is "Who's my bitch" by Paradiso Girls (available on youtube in HD).

    At some point there should be a re-edited version, to change a few things and add subliminal messaging. Not sure when though.

  21. Loved this video.....great pix....captured me completely right from the beginning and was sooo well done I never noticed it was a long video.....I just loved it because I always wondered "What it's like for a girl?".....I was just so curious to know how it felt and how a girl reacted......since I have such a teeny, tiny clittie, I was forced to marry a virgin Catholic School Girl......However, she was totally sexually frustrated and so uptight from all that Catholic Guilt, that it took me three years to convince her to let another man fuck her.....the whole episode started out as a swinging affair with a Black Couple.....We were in Graduate School at the time and the woman was a Grad Student friend of my wife's. Unknown to me, my wife had confided with her about my "little problem" and she told my wife she knew just how to deal with tiny clittie sissywhitebois because she was working part time to put herself through Grad School.....On the night of the Big "Date"....I was mesmerized by watching the Black Bull's Big Cock spread, stretch and penetrate my sweet, innocent, virgin Catholic School Girl's PUSSY....and....I kept wondering "What it felt like for a girl?"....because my wife wimpered, yelped, squeeled and screamed with unbelievable pleasure....Well, of course, I was too tiny to fuck the Black Domme which she knew in advance so she trained me to lick her pussy, her husband's cock and it wasn't very long before they had arranged for me to find out just exactly "What it felt like to be a gurlie-gurl fuck-toi Bitch 4 a Black Bull"....when my wife saw me sucking his cock, swallowing his cum and letting him fuck my pussy, she immediately lost all respect for me as a "male" and realized that she had married a small, weak sissyfaggot fairy queer-boi.....and.....she could no longer treat me as "The Man" of the house since her Black Bull Lover(s) were now the men in our wasn't long before I was her submissive sissy cuck hubby and she had transitioned to becoming Very Hot Wife who loved Gang-Bangs......and....I got to play the gurlie-gurl's role all the time....

    Your tiny clittie, insatiable asspussy cock-whore,
    ms. karli kunt

  22. holy shit i did not think that would work as well as it did i wanted to see if the first 90 sec would do anything if i did what it said but fuck me i didn't think anything would happen but everything started fadeing and it was like everything in the corner of my eyes was covered it a dull white haze all i could see clearly was the computer screen i don't know where you got this anna but holy shit this is the only vid i have seen that could work

  23. Please, don't leave! Your work has been my dirty little secret for so long.You have really affected me.
    See, I am always on the lookout for a video like this o turn me into a girl. Not gay or bi or a tranny. A complete slutty girl. Like the girls in the video pull me in and trap me and turn me into one of them. Allowing me to share and experience the power and pleasure of being female. Both their dominate power and the pleasure of being submissive.
    If any one could make such a video, it would be you. So many of these are very close to that. I've stayed silent in hopes of not interfering and I keep hunting for such a video. But since you have said you may be leaving, I have to beg for it before it is to late.

  24. thank you, thank you, thank you!

    kisses wherever you want'em

  25. anna you never dissapoint i feel like ravishing a shemale RIGHT NOW,kenneth


  27. The technic with two images together, one behind the other, cause an effect indescribable. Congratulations! The feminine power and the submissive scenes are perfects.
    Kisses Laiz

  28. simply perfection. deeper and deeper I go into the rabbit hole. Just when I think I'm out of the grip, again I fall even deeper...

  29. I came here after watching recommendation at Pinkhypno.. watch this it is great!!!!Make sure you have 8.5 minutes because you are finishing!! YOu have no choice!!

  30. What an incredibly beautiful erotic experience have been so good to us...everytime...helps me accept and revel in my being a white sissy bitch even at my age...thank you....Karyn ryan

  31. What an incredibly beautiful erotic experience have been so good to us...everytime...helps me accept and revel in my being a white sissy bitch even at my age...thank you....Karyn ryan


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