Wednesday, June 22, 2011

#305 - Mistress T - Panties for Mommys Boy

ohh when MistressT dicides to be sweet with you, she is so sexy!
Watching this video i really died! I became crazy for every detail, it's so sensual!
Let Her teaches you how to dress as a perfect sissy!

Anna Malice


  1. I wish Mistress was my Mommy and we had such intimate playtime together, she molding me into her pretty little girlie-boi. If so i would be the high-heeled, mini-skirt wearing she-boi slut that i should be. Dressing really sexy and shaking my ass, turning on all the hot boys. I would be such a tease making their cocks ache for me. -pussyboi

  2. Enjoyed Mistress T - Panties for Mommys Boy video. I have been wearing panties for over thirty years and have used her method since the first time putting on nylons and I crossdress fully in female clothes.

  3. This video got me so aroused I had to relieve myself. Very exciting!


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