Thursday, June 16, 2011

#287 - UltimateBBCTrainer by Emma Nice

The last production of Emma Nice, i hope just for now!
A great hypno video with big loads of big black cocks, a little masterpeace,
of course an original run so cool!
say thanks to Emma, write your comments.. ;)

Anna Malice


  1. nice ladies work ... mOOre sweetie
    lovely moments at knee for dessert.
    submit to pleasure, real pleasure.

  2. Oh my God! This is soooo sexy! I don´t know how many panties I will need, to get through the day.
    Thank you so much Emma and Anna!
    Sweet Kisses, Lola

  3. Wow ! A big thanks to Emma for spending the time on making this & for Anna for posting it on her wonderful blog.

    This was nicely done nice, effects, clips, sounds, music well everything really.

    It makes me want to be one of those sluts in the vid even more & even quicker. I cant really describe how great I thought this was.

    Thanks sooo much & love ya both.


  4. Great video with good feeling
    just like a cérémony
    théatral's music bring intensity to the images
    and the tension begin more and more powerful
    with these female in heat, it seem that only BBc can stop this fire...
    Thank you for your discover

  5. I'm a slave for Big Black Cock!

  6. Anna - i am amazed at the quality of the videos you find everyday! i have searched for Emma de Nice since you have shown her, and i cannot find her anywhere.

    Thank You for feeding my sissy needs!
    Dick Wadd

  7. hi sweetie, go bbc, be happy moments...
    love vid, please mOOre fem pink sissies


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