Tuesday, June 28, 2011

#323 - Sissy trainer compilation

Ok, I'm sure this is a new entry you have never seen before.
A short but truly effective compilation reachs of captions
and an interesting motion pictures effect.
kisses by your evil devil..

Anna Malice


  1. Just sit back and relax and let the video do all the work. Let it mold your mind as you watch it over and over. I was straight when i got here but now i can't stop fantasizing about having balls in my mouth. I just want to suck the juicy throbbing cocks of real macho studs and swallow their thick tasty cum.Thank you Anna for what you've done for me!-pussyboi

    P.S. Your not an evil devil but a sweet angel showing me the road to heaven!

  2. Sucking cock makes me happy ...
    Sucking cock makes me happy ...
    Sucking cock makes me happy ...

  3. I love Ur vids. I love to jackoff while I am being trained to be a sissy BBC cum slit.

  4. How do I download this. I could watch it for hours.

  5. OMG I just licked my palm clean, sooooooo YUMMY

  6. If you are the evil devil!!

    I would be glad to worship you on my knees as often as needed

    kisses Carla


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