Wednesday, June 29, 2011

#326 - BBC trainer extended version by cuckoldguynj

I suppose, you'll like the extended version of the video posted on n.308,
in my opinion, this is the best!
Anyway these two videos were made with a great sense of rithm and addiction.
I truly love this style, and i think Cuckoldguynj, the creator of these masterpeaces,
deserves all your attemption, in the right way
direct linking his page on xtube, here!
I have tried to contact him on xtube without results,
I hope he could like this publicity!
anyway thanks Cuckoldguynj

Anna Malice


  1. Wow ! A true work of art. Thanks for the vid & the direct link Anna.

    Many thanks again & take care from Noel.

  2. Hi its cuckoldguynj. Thanks for posting my vids!!! I love your site!!!

  3. Thank you Anna, I love all these hyno videos. They've made me what I am today, a little sissy slut for big cocks.

  4. Wow! For some strange reason I'm anxious to have a huge black cock crammed down my throat... ;)


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