Thursday, June 30, 2011

#329 - Lights and Sound by Sissy Couture

Great, superb premiere tonight,
an new, high quality, imaginative subliminal video by Sissy Couture!
I'm speechless.. simply it's wonderful! ;))
please put your comments, just to make me happy, pleaseee..
I'm sure you'll love it! ;))

Anna Malice


  1. wow, loved that video. I looks like a really sexy piece of art. :-)

  2. Very sexy video!

    The audio track and the selection of video images are both great! I especially liked the way that some of the video clips faded into each other; for example, around the 4 minute mark, where there is one clip with an ejaculating cock fading back and forth with clips of a woman's open, moaning, mouth.


  3. Very sexy indeed. But as far as I can tell, there are no subliminal messages inside, just some imagery.

  4. Sissy Couture vids are so much fun!!!! I luv to do my sissy 'stretches' to them! ;)

  5. wow this is fantastic sweete thanks for posting, mmmm 4th time ive watched it, it made my nipples twich and go weak at the knees, and to get dressed up and go and find a hunk mmmmm

  6. nice vidéo
    i like that, it's fresh and beautiful.
    This clip is different and not too hard
    and its an other way to suggest the situation and make our brain to work and be hotter.
    a lesson to became more sensual and féminine
    Thank you for this gem.

  7. A great vid, although no where near as erotic as Sissy Couture's other works

  8. wow...sissy couture! amazing vid...i luv sissy couture's works of art....i hope more r to come :) xx

  9. All of Sissy Couture's videos have disappeared off the internet! What is going on? Her stuff is the BEST!!!!!!


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