Wednesday, June 8, 2011

#261 - Dungeons e Fetish - Sissy femdomination

D&F digest hosts a femdomination in black and white!
in truth, i prefer a master to a mistress,
for the only reason that i like men and real cocks.
however i admit to be fashinated by domination in general,
the important is that i could be a sissy! ;D


  1. How do I stop this?? I am on the brink of crossing the line and not going back. I arranged to go meet a hot shemale and suck shecock. I came to my senses at the last minute. I started watching these videos just for some kink and jerk off sessions and now I find myself on the brink of insanity with the desire to be a bitch in bra and panties and get used by shemale cock. Where can I go to get this undone? Anyone else have this problem? Its not too late for me yet....

  2. Dear Anonimous,
    sometime problems are only in our mind.. and you are right.. it's never too late for everyone to say stop!
    I'm virgin, i can understand your pains.. if i was you.. I'ld take a period of holidays with my truly friends.. just to balance real life with unreal video suggestions! go outside.. visit people you know.. take a pause.. you are more than a sexual pulse, you are a person with body, heart and soul!
    whatever action you'll do.. be happy and consius..

  3. I think Miss Tush needs a real cock. Also i can understand that first comment. This web site can make you a little crazy! I used to be normal but now look at me!-pussyboi

  4. this tv is great. takes stripes, looks good in makeup. Domina gives good, energetic anal, too. like the music -- much better than typical

  5. That was a very sexy video. Almost wish it could have been me. Don't know if I could handle that whipping without using a safe word. The music selection was great and the energy was exciting. Ooooo! I love this sexy blog! Hugs, Jenna


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