Tuesday, June 21, 2011

#302 - I feel love by Annamalice

It should been the last, i hope it will be not the least! ;)
well, what can i say?! I took the habit and I also like it very much!
Trying to give a different touch to the classic hypno movies mix,
at the end, I think I've created something completely different.
In my opnion, music is a very important component for each hypno movie.
In this clip, music rithm and captions create a subliminal effect on the normal subliminal effect.
Even if quality of the video was ruined a little bit by the uploading,
final result, in my opinion, is really interesting.
tell me, what you think about... and be good with me! ;))
I want to dedicate this video to Noel, one of the most active followers of this blog!
a special kiss to you my sweet sissy friend, enjoy!

Anna Malice


  1. Oh I love this one!! Awesome work Anna! :)

    Greetz from Germany

  2. Anna,
    The best hypno I have ever seen!!! Four stars, I absolutely LOVED it!

    Your Friend,

  3. Oh, what you've done here......A vision. Thank you for this.

  4. so hott Anna!!!! I need to find me som cock and cum right now!!!

  5. That is far and away the hottest thing i have ever seen in my life. OMG

  6. Ok first things first I want to give a big special sissy kiss back to you Anna mwah :)

    WOW That was a wonderful video.

    I love that song & so many of my idols in that vid having a great time & nice job editing all the vids together, then the pics in the middle turned me on, on another level & then the ending, oh god I almost lost it & i've watched it twice in a row so far !

    Great work again Anna !

    love ya & your blog so much & best wishes from Noel.

  7. Well done ANNA
    the music sound good and the pictures and clip
    are so hot, what else... an other classic
    thank you for your work Anna.
    i feel in love with your vidéos

  8. PLEASE can someone tell me the source of the clip at 28 seconds, with the sissy bent over and the spreading her ass while the hot black guy tries to force a massive dildo in her. I have seen it before and it always makes me drool ;)
    good vid!!

  9. AWESOME sauce Yes thank you so much

    Great work

  10. Please make also some more sensual vids. Every gurl, like every girl have moments when she wants to be and when she is slut, but they have moments when they want something more sensual.

  11. While i kind of like this, i really miss cum drinking hypnos. Thats how i found this site, and i want more Anna, i want more cum!

  12. Anna,

    great stuff!


  13. Anna - my hands are trembling! i don't think any vid has made my heart beat so fast! i have seen the vids before, but what you do with the music, the speed of clips / rythm - shit! SO AMAZING!

    The ends has me drycum every time! Please don't stop! You have found a new talent!

    Dick Wadd

  14. Thank you so much Anna. That's the kind of love I want to feel. I still can't believe I've become such a cock-craving sissy in such a short time from watching this type of video. I guess it's just my inner sissy slut finally coming out.

  15. My Black Domme has "forced" me to watch three of these videoclips everyday for the last five years...and....I am simply amazed at what a Black Cock Craving, Cum-Loving Sissy Fuck-toi I have become as I have felt the LOVE and have felt compelled to obsessively and constantly seek out Big Black Bulls to surround me with Black Cock and to spray me, cover me and paint me with their potent, virile, sweet, creamy MALE NECTAR !!!.....I have tried to "purge" hundreds of times, but am starting to realize THERE IS NO TURNING BACK once you have experienced the amazingly erotic and overwhelming sensuous sensations of those Female-type, internal, whole body ANAL ORGASMS (sissygasms).....and....I find myself wimpering, moaning, squeeling and yelping with delight as those Big Black Cocks drive me to multiple LUST-FILLED sissygasms.....Thank you for putting these clips together with such a beautiful musical background....

    Your hypnotized, mesmerized and submissively obedient little Black Cock Clut Fuck-toi,

    ms. karli kunt

  16. That was awesome. Great Job!


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