Thursday, June 23, 2011

#308 - BBC trainer by Cuckoldguynj

Great, superb premiere tonight!!
an original run discovered and suggested by my super sweet friend Lola!!
what can i say?! If you love Big Black Cocks, like us,
you can only enjoy this video! In truth, I'm sure you'll love it..
incidental music, here, is fabolous!

Many thanks Lola, a big kiss, i love you! ;))

Anna Malice


  1. Does anybody know which video is this from so we can see more?

  2. That was great! Love how the music helps transport you to a alternate place, a place i crave.

  3. very, very beautiful!! wonderful work!!! loved it.

  4. Thank you for not quitting yet. I love these videos so much. I want to be that girl so bad!

  5. She gets an "A" for effort, poor thing. Nice vid, liked the music. I prefer trance / hypnosis vids, but this was certainly entertaining. I wonder if I could handle that much cock!

  6. Oh this video is so incredible HOT! I don´t know, how many times i creamed my tight panties watching it. I am just addicted to it. Thank you, Lovley Anna for posting it, and even a bigger Thank you to cuckoldguynj! Please do more of this kind! Wet Kisses, Lola!

  7. Lola, Everett, Shrimpy, Likingumuch, Charmane, many thanks, it's a great video indeed and i'm really happy you liked!

  8. why would you delete my comment saying i made the vid?

  9. I made this video and theres more like it on my xtube page my name on xtube is cuckoldguynj

  10. OMG ! Im sooooooo jealous of that pretty brunette. Great vid. Many thanks from Noel.

  11. Makes me want to kneel and suck every black cock within a mile. Would u please make one showing real sissies servicing black cocks?

  12. Awesome, truly! Thanks for sharing it!


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