Thursday, June 2, 2011

#243 - Dungeons e Fetish - Cum from anal compilation

D&F collection of today is a little present to every real sissy inside!
Prostate ejaculation/milking is the best way for a sissy to cum
better by a real cock, of course
Anyway enjoy this wonderful mix of different clips, truly fetish!
I'm a sissy and I love you all sissies!
Anna Malice


  1. Wow Anna! Incredible footy.. very nice, thx! ;)
    Xx. SophieTV

  2. ohh god that look soo hot, my ass wants it bad...... so bad

  3. OMG! This is incredible. I need to learn how to do this. Can anyone please give me some tips so that I can train myself to do this? for msn addy check my profle

  4. Japanese sissies are perfect sissies!

  5. the word verification i just got spelt "forksana". I wonder who will get to forksanna in the end?

  6. by the way the last two comments are mine. Please send me messages to help ruin me. Or any guys who maybe want to own me...

  7. Wow!

    Very sexy!

    I especially like how watery and thin hir cum is!

    Just like a feminized sissy's should be!

  8. wow I need to get a dildo or even better a real cock & try this out asap. very hott. thanks, Noel

  9. huhh I would really love to try to cum this way, must be incredible.

    thank you

    xxx martin

  10. how can I watch this video clip? I want to know how to do it

  11. SO HOT!!! The only way a sissy should be allowed to squirt other than from a real man cock

  12. me and My Mistress agree "Prostate ejaculation/milking is the best way for a sissy to cum" Hi i'm Janel I have been in Chastity for almost 15 months now but i feels like its been longer. My Mistress is Stacy she says this is the best video she has ever seen online. She wants to see more.

  13. OM..F-ING..G! Now I've seen some shit in my time but this has got to be one of the HOTTEST! I really didn't think it was possible to cum from anal like this until now! I thought it was more of a fantasy than a possibilty but I've been given an education indeed! These are some really advanced and well conditioned sissy-bitches! They've earned my respect and admiration for sure. Definately something for all true sissies to aspire to. Keep practicing sissies! I want to see some worn out dildos from you cunts!-pussyboi

  14. OMG !!!....THIS IS THE BEST VIDEO EVER !!!....I will never forget my FIRST TIME having an involuntary release from an Anal Orgasm (sissygasms).....My wife and her Black Domme Girlfriend had put me in chastity for a couple of months and had regularly tied my wrists and ankles so I was spread-eagle on the bed so that they could remove my chastity device in order to tease and "edge" me.....repeatedly bringing me right to the "edge" of release and then spanking and whipping my marble size ovaries with a riding crop to stop me.....Finally, after a couple of months, I was "broken" and I finally agreed to let them fuck me with a Strap-On.....Just like so many of the sissies in this video, my clittie was soft, limp and encased in a chastity device as they probed, penetrated and stroked my pretty pink PUSSY with that Strap-On.....until.....I started wimpering, moaning, squeeling and yelping with unexpected erotice ecstasy as my clitty twitched, jerked and I started havin a Female-typ, internal, whole body Anal Orgasms....(sissygasm) soft, limp clittie began spraying my clear, sterile, impotent sissy juices without anyone even touching it.....I almost passed out from the AMAZING EROTIC ECSTASY OF THIS EXPERIENCE.....and....I was hooked, addicted and obsessively focused from that point forward on my PUSSY as the center of my sexual pleasure....instead of my clittie....IT WAS AN AMAZING AND TOTALLY UNEXPECTED DISCOVERY!!!....For many years now, it is the only way that I ever get release.....soooo.....I JUST LOVED THIS VIDEO...

    Your Anal Orgasms, tiny, soft, limp clittie sissy,

    ms.l karli kunt


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