Monday, June 13, 2011

#277 - Wendy Williams - Hot black & white

Shemale's video of today has Wendy Williams as protagonist.
Honestly i love this video for the male actor, he is my favorite,
even if i dont know his name!
Black, Muscolar, with a great big cock, he is perfect!
I particulary adore his ass! In truth, I discovered to love men ass by him!
forgive me, I admit i would like to lick it so much,
and, of course, be the slut of this man! ;)

Anna Malice

Hot tranny clip- black on white gurl


  1. its nice 2 c wendy again....its been a while 4 me.....thx anna xxx ( u r rite , he is hot ....giggles ) ......more xxxxx wetcumkisses


  2. Ive seen her around. she does a fine job with BBC


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