Sunday, December 4, 2011

#750 - Pure gay induction by Vittoria

Vittoria is always so explicit to convince you are gay! (what a beautiful thought!)
this time she invites you to watch gay porn.. and other dirty lovely things..
Really a pity.. she is only.. a woman (even if a nice woman, of course)..
I dream about masters.. about pure induction to be a gay sissy.. by a true man!
unfortunately this kind of videos doesn't exist.. and for now, this must be enough..
after all.. Vittoria is not so bad! ;)

Anna Malice

ps. a little update.. post #744 "for the love of cock" recieved 67 bad ratings..
my congratulations, it's the record of the site!
i'm really curious to see.. if this daily post can reach a worst result! ;))


  1. Love your blogs Anna, thanks so much for sharing.
    Everything you post is so erotic.
    Sissy Annie

  2. I just LUV Mistress Vittoria, and I LUV cock! (giggle:)

  3. simply amazing ...thank you soooo so much

  4. I agree with all the above comments. I loved that video for so many reasons.

    Mistress Vittoria is so hottt & When I go to the gym I do get all hott by the hott ripped guys there (I love being a bi sissy * giggle *)

    I do imagine im the girl in the porn vids that I watch feeling what she is feeling. & I love all your different type of vids that you post here Anna ( we have like the same taste 100%) Thanks a bunch - Love u 4ever Noel xoxo

  5. i repeat the same comment but you know am a fucking addict to masturbation and i want be fagg cocksucker and whit you i got all my needs imagine all good thing you do ty ty ty ty i love you and your fans xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. i watch it again and again and again mmmmmexactly me, how do you know ;-P i love you

  7. i love cock i love cock i love cock i love cockc i love cock thanks again and again am in heaven in your world xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. am all what she saying, homo loser masturbator chronik and i worship that kind video makes me feel what i want be ty and cum on my mouth all please

  9. This is my favorite post ever and ever. I think i've been watching this video at least once a day since this post!!! I love to look at her pussy and repeat to myself "I LOVE COCK"...also I like when she tells me i'm the one sucking and taking the cock in the ass...never fucking!!! Ow...i'm such a sissy faggot

    Anna, I love you and your blog

    Thalita from Brazil


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