Saturday, December 17, 2011

#789 - Sissy cum trainer vol.3 by Scom

well, tonight, before to start... i want to give you a little advise..
beware to be here everyday.. watching my clips..
because you'll become a perfect cocksucker sissy faggot.. without escapes! ;))
now it's your choise only.. i beg you.. don't look at this new beautiful creation by Scom..
It's a fabolous long hypno clip indeed.. able to addict you to cock definitely!..
Otherwise.. if you love cocks.. and to become a cumfilled sissy cocksucker.. for real..
well.. this is clip is for you! ;))
of course, many thanks scom, for this new masterpiece.. you are my hero!

Anna Malice


  1. This video makes me so hungry for cock

  2. A hot juicy cum delight!!! So yummy...need to get me some cock!!

  3. Thank you Anna! I have alot to learn (and mouth stretching to do, apparently! :) )

  4. Thank you for your recommandation but i just saw the vidéo and it is seem fundamental for sissy,be necessary in all sissy académy or sissy'school all the things that sissy need to learn. What a program!
    a new amazing classic vidéo

  5. Luv it! Thank you for sharing, Anna. My mouth is watering for a nice big load of cum now!

  6. THank you Scom & thank you Anna. I love that song soo much & now I will be thinking of this video everytime I hear it being played. What an added bonus ! :)

    A super long video with hot girls, hot dicks & instructions & being called a bitch & slut, now what else is there left for it to have included ?

    Much & Many Thanks from Noel xoxo


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