Tuesday, December 6, 2011

#754 - Dungeons e Fetish - Prostate milking, chastity and lick

By a precious and sublime suggestion of Jenna..
a fabolous video for the D&F collection of today!
As she told me.. and i totally agree with her..
every sissy must be teached about chastity..
Something that a lot of sissies have to understand is that
if you really want to be feminized, you need to stop masturbating and cumming like real men.
you have no more a cock.. but only a tiny unuseful clitty.. and a lovely ass cunt!
so, you must learn to love and crave anal penetration..
I think.. the real metamorphosis, for a sissy, is not to dress like a slut..
but to be able (to learn) to cum from anal..
infact, this is the really best you could ever feel.. in your entire sissy life! ;))

Anna Malice


  1. thank You Anna! i have been trying not to repost your material because, well, all my visitors come from you anyway! But this... i have to!.. this is a great trainer for teaching the joys of self milking! i watched all jennifer3d's vids a while back, and learned that for the problem many new sissy's have... when we cum... we lose the desire to eat it... that a ruined cum, or a milked cummy... is perfect to get that load, and stay horny and aroused to still want to.. HAVE to... take all that tasty load into our own slut mouths, and dream of getting it from the source! mmmmmmm.... luv fresh cummies!


  2. hi anna, this is one of my favorites !!! i am so not passable but i am trully feminine in that all i want is to serve cocks orally and anally. i don't use my little clitty for anything but to pee through. jayne


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