Tuesday, December 20, 2011

#798 - White Cumslut Trainer by Emma Nice

Another fabolous creation from Emma Nice..
and another fantastic premiere for all the sissies of this site!
Art of addiction.. or simply art of imagination.. art to create and to give form..
in every case.. art from an inspired, brillant artist..
atmosphere you created here is outstanding.. great mood, thanks Emma! ;))
delirium of music and clips.. all mixed toghether in an oneiric voyage of perdition..
final result.. is an absolute addiction to black cocks cum..

Anna Malice

many thanks for this well-timed signalling to CM and D..


  1. Mmm, I know what I want for dinner! Thank you Emma, and thank you Anna for sharing.

  2. This video was amazing! Thank you Emma for giving us this exceptional video. Directly after watching this video I thawed out one of my saved treats and enjoyed myself more than I have in a long time. Thanks to Anna for finding this superb piece!

  3. Thank you, Anna! Deliciously creamy!

  4. Now we can deserve the BMM label for this
    hot vidéo
    Black Milk Man can serve and bring a lot of that beverage and they are happy to bring a new taste of white cum for the sissy and others amateurs


  6. I truely cannot describe how wonderfully done that vid was.
    Emma your vids somehow keep getting better by like times 1000 it seems.

    YOU should be making preview vids like this for porn dvds that's how good you are. & some other vid makers all that I have seen only posted on Anna's blog. I love & cant wait for these porn music videos.

    Thank you for letting Anna post it & sharing your hard work & time consuming work with all of us.

    I loved it so much I had to touch myself a little. Noel xoxo

  7. LOVE IT! Thanks Anna :)))

  8. This is sooooo mouth watering


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