Thursday, December 15, 2011

#783 - The cocksucking sissy hypno captions

Well, for tonight, something hypnotic.. as usual
but with not really great ideas and fantasy..
I have used some of this captions also for the last video i produced.. "love for cock"
It's not the best hypnotic file you have ever seen..
anyway it's free.. and muisc is not so bad.. ;))
so, enjoy!

Anna Malice


  1. No no no, this is wonderful! xoxox, Coriander

  2. Wonderful! I could feel the messages sinking into my subconscious mind and taking root! Thank you so much, Anna!

  3. awesome video.. and Delerium rocks

  4. felice del tuo ritorno :x :x :x :x

  5. Interesting I might need to go hunting after that one Anna that made me one Horny Gurl

    Kisses Carla

  6. Absolutely outstanding vid. IT made me feel so good on so many levels.

    THanks Anna.

    I loved the song & the way you did the video. Keep up the great work.

    Much & many thanks from Noel.

  7. hi anna, yes, i loved this video too. i felt like i was in it sucking all those beautiful, delicious cocks. xo, jacie


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