Saturday, December 10, 2011

#766 - Dungeons e Fetish - Gallery of post-op ladyboys

From the begining of my dreams to become a sissy..
I was always fashinated from "the definitive changing"..
post operated clips everytime.. are able to addict me..
with a sort of curiosity, dread and seductive feelings.. all at the same time
as you know.. sure the transgender process is not for all..
it's an hard walk.. day by day.. by hormones, of course..
but also.. by a progressive and definitive feminization of your mind and body!
but.. if you live in chastity..
if you desire to become everyday more feminine..
if you feel inside.. your sissy part always pumping..
i'm sure.. as me... one time in your life..
you have thought to become the woman you always dreamed to be... for real..
so for the D&F collection of today.. just for you only..
i'm really glad to post.. this short gallery of clips of beautiful post operated tgirls.. ;))

Anna Malice


  1. I like you always wonder what it would be like to have gone all the way female.

    i don`t think any of us have not ever thought of this at least a few times.

    I enjoyed when you posted the Surgery awhile back I am always curious about that and would love to see one up close and personal

    Kisses Carla

  2. i must also say I love your site

    Not afraid to tell others about it.

    Kisses Carla

  3. BIG Thanks for posting that video I daydream a lot bout this final step & being in a girl or t girl relationship or maybe a guy or just getting fucked by either one or by a guy of course but, I also might want to be a t girl forever I dunno.

    It is a big step & change & permnent & I know you have to go to consoluing a lot before you can make the change & that the procedure is very expensive I believe.

    I have seen the procedure on television up close before but havent seen it since & I donot remember the vid Anna posted on it so I'll have to look at it sometime.

    THanks a bunch Anna she was so beautiful whata gorgeous girl. Love ya - Noel xoxo

  4. Thank you Anna for showing us "the final product" :) I am always simply amazed at just how much courage and how brave someone is to go "all the way" It gives me strength, knowing that it can be done!

  5. I have soooo much to thank you for. I am now a cock craving sissy slut. I am taking hormones and have nice little titties and big pierced nipples (I pump them daily) I love wearing sexy seamed stockings and dildoing my sissy pussy with fat cocks. I can even have sissy anal orgasms without touching my clitty. Please keep posting. This site is amazing!!! <3


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