Sunday, December 11, 2011

#771 - Gay induction by Vittoria - Self Facial JOI

I'm starting to adore Vittoria..
her ideas are always original, seductive.. and really intriguing..
not common pov humiliation trips..
what's better to follow her in another erotic voyage?!
so, take the right position.. ;))

Anna Malice

PS. don't miss the hypnotic bimbo premiere of tomorrow evening!! ;))


  1. ;-) i love all your video MissAnna you are just sublime great and awesome and cool, you make my life happiest ty ;-) follow your way you helps poeples outhere the first Me Moi but mmmmmmm thats good

  2. please please please PLEASE, upload everything by Vittoria that you can get your hands on!!
    i'll love you forever, more than i already do!

  3. Love seeing her legs in those pantyhose. Very sexy. I think the video could be a lot better with a little music and more sensual approach.


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