Saturday, December 31, 2011

#831 - Sissy cum trainer vol.5 by Scom

Happy 2012!! my dearest followers..
I love you.. and because i love you..
tonight.. i want to offer another arousing hypnotic clip by our delicious Scom!
19:48 of total duration time.. for one of the hottest video you have ever seen!
it's should be nice.. tell me "Happy New Year sweet Anna" (me) ;))
enjoy and have a great life!

Anna Malice


  1. Happy New Year, Sweet Anna!

    Thankyou for doing what you do. Your good taste and creativity has created the only source I visit for my hypno needs.

    You're helping keep this gurl thriving ;)

  2. Happy New Year Anna! Thanks for all these wonderful posts!

  3. Happy New Year Anna, you bring me such pleasure and have transformed my life rekindling the sissy slut I am. Love this video and am this year going to be the best sissy slut I can be! Emily xxxx

  4. Happy New Year, Sweet Anna. Kisses

  5. Happy New Year dear Anna! What would we do without you? I don't want to find out.

  6. Thank you, Anna! Inspired by this video, I resolve this year to lose my sissy virginity, to suck as many cocks and eat as much cum as possible, and to be a true cum-addicted sissy slut! xoxo

  7. This is the BEST one Ive seen!!!

    Excellent programming!
    Please make more like this with some trance music looping. Great video
    You are very good and thank you very much!

  8. First Anna Happy New Years. Next I would like to thank you so much. I found this blog maybe a month or two ago. I would come here once and a while to see the updates. I have struggled with wondering what my sexuality is. I thought I was straight but then I got into transsexual porn. I kept trying not to view it, but then I realized it was a part of me. I've come to accept it and now I even fantasize about being a sissy. It really get's me off. I am now experimenting with dressing up with some panties I got from raiding friend's mom's panties drawer and doing some anal play. I even painted my toe nails and shaved my legs. I do all this secretley though since I am younger and still living with my parents and not wanting anyone to find out. Dont worry I'm legal I'm 19 lol. I really want to have a gay experience. Either it be me getting with a sissy, or me being transformed and fucked by an older man. My new years resolution is to lose my virginity. Sometimes I feel lonely with this but I'm glad I joined the community here. Thank you once again. And if anybody has some tips I could use to further my sissyfication or just want to chat please contact me.

    Great to see another Scom video. I love the hypnosis videos but his are definitely the best. I do smoke marijuana and I love doing it before I dress up and watch something like this. I still think the 3rd one was the best. The music made it.


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