Thursday, December 15, 2011

#781 - Dungeons e Fetish - Pre-Op and Post-Op

well, good morning sissies..
i always thought.. that there is a big difference from to be and to not be..
from to have.. and to not have anymore..
for me.. videos with two shemales.. transgenders.. pre and post operated..
are one of the most chilling things to watch.. and, at the same time really arousing!
i confess you.. I'm so addicted by this kind of movies..
and reason is simply..
how to look at your tgirl friend fucking you.. by the cock you have recently decided to cut off?!
how to look at what you'll never have back?!
how to feel your total impotence.. how to watch your total passiveness?!
how to feel.. you are no more able to feel anything.. as before?!
I suppose.. It should be like a final process of awareness..
i mean.. to understand to not be able to be male.. in any form!
and this consciousness, for me.. is so much.. full of humiliating pleasure..
so, enjoy the D&F collection clip of today!

Anna Malice

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