Saturday, December 3, 2011

#747 - Sissy cum trainer vol.2 by Scom

Well, another astonishing creation by someone..
that I would really like he writes me his name.. ;))
it's just to insert you.. in my top honor section.. tributing to you.. fame you deserve!
please, contact me! ;))
anyway.. i'm sure every sissy of this blog will appreciate your enormous talent!
great, superb, magnificent long hypno video!.. ehi sissies, Anna is back!! ;))

Anna Malice

PS. really interesting to look at 30 bad ratings given to "for the love of cock".. (the last post)
it must be the worst videos you have ever seen.. isn't it?! ;))
let me tell you.. that for me..
It's really a sweet, immense pleasure not allow anonymous comments anymore! ;))


  1. oh my god! amazing! what a great video... made such a little mess...

  2. Anna! Your back! I'm so glad you reconsidered. You're posts are like honey in a land of want. Thanks for returning.

    I'm sure that fELICIA deserves a shout out for her support.

    Also I kinda wanted to be anonymous. Alas.

  3. thank you for this new cum trainer
    excellent and useful
    just want to be on my knees to suck daddy's cock

  4. Thanks for another yummy video!

  5. hi to Anna and to all. I'm Scom, the infamous creator of sissy cum trainers and a few other hypno videos:)

    Thanks for all kind words. You're doing a magnificent work here. I'm glad you have changed your mind about this awesome blog.

    Kisses, Scom

  6. BRAVO!!!!!! Anna YOU find the GREATEST CLIPS....I adore this favorite so far!!!! Thanks for all YOU do and a shout out to the one who made this if YOU ever find out who it was!

  7. The text is uninspired but most of the clips are EXTREMELY SEXY!!!

  8. i didn't really find it hypnotic.. although i WAS fascinated by all the yummy cocks! it was a nice vid to dress to this morning as i prepared my pussy for Princess. Definitely re-affirming my place in life! Thank You!

  9. Such a great collection of wonderful cocks!

  10. THANK U ! THANK U ! THANK U ! Scom for that amazing trainer video.

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into it. I loved it. All the beautiful girls (which I want to look like & get treated as they were in the trainer)& the music (Where is that obsession party ? xD I need to go there asap )& of course the cocks & that yummy cum.

    THanks Anna & Scom you both totally rock ! - Love Noel xoxo


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