Saturday, December 24, 2011

#808 - Dungeons e Fetish - Foreskin erection, balls, wank e cum

At close range.. real..
face to face with your hottest desire..
cock and balls.. beside you, really close to your lips..
before and after.. the erection! ;))
well, just for me.. today, a simple and innocent play..
you have to watch this hot arousing clip.. entirely..
trying to not masturbate you..
trying to watch it all.. without to cum!
I said.. trying.. of course..
provided always.. you are able to resist.. ;))
yes.. if you are so inside aroused to this clip..
if your cock is not able to remain quiet in front of it..
and, in the bargain.. if you are not able to resist to cum..
well, then it's clear.. and you have to confess to yourself.. word of mouth..
you are a gay sissy faggot.. without anymore excuses! ;))

Anna Malice

1 comment:

  1. Awesome! I want this. I am dreaming of this for real.


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