Tuesday, December 27, 2011

#818 - Bruna Butterfly III

nothing to say.. i'm addicted by this beautiful incredible gurl!
Bruna Butterfly (AKA: Bruuna,Bruna Ninfa)
again protagonist of our daily shamale's video..
I love here with these sublime socks..
I love her way to suck and to be always fucked by beautiful cocks!
fantastic clip.. expecially at the end! ;))

Anna Malice


  1. Hey wow Bruna is a little firecracker sometimes.

    Anna, you find the absolute best sissy material. I hope you wouldn't mind if I shared and analyzed some of it on my blog. I fancy myself a sissy philosopher and I'd like to perhaps partner up with you in some way so that both of our blogs can grow.

    I've only made a couple postings so far and the layout is far from complete but I hope you'll visit philosissy.blogspot.com and consider my offer. Us sissies need to stick together!r


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