Monday, December 5, 2011

#753 - I know your secret - (Carrol's suggestion)

well, I'm Anna in wonderland..
Another beautiful hypno video discovered by our precious friend Carrol! ;))
a mix of captions, clips, and a metallic, hypnotic voice guide..
title is a fabolous and really appropriate for us!
even if.. thinking about someone who knows my secret..
makes me feel totally unsure..
i know this is what i ever wanted.. ;)

Anna Malice


  1. as an Owned sissy slut i found this to be highly erotic Anna. the video isn't great, especialy at full screen, but the voices in my head got me soooo stiffy! i listened three times in a row, and when i realized that the audio wasn't for siisy's but to make a girl an owned sub slut.. i almost creamed.. i was a girl, being transformed into a good girl for my Princess. i wear my collar proudly. i am a good girl. i am a slut.

    thanks girl!

  2. Thank You for not posting another femdom video!

  3. Thank you for another great video xxx

  4. Wow ! that video really spoke to me as well. I have that mp3. & I am in the process of meeting a mistress soon that is going to make me her good gurl. & I want to be a sub slut real girl (well I think Im a sub slut anyways & girl in spirit & etc.)& I do really want cock 2. of course.

    THanks sooo much for this vid.

    NOw I need to buy a pretty sexy pink pornstar like colar like I always wanted but sooner.

    Great Find Carrol! 1,000 thank yous 2 u & great post Anna - Love Noel xoxo

  5. really créative and addictive vidéo
    sound and images are so good together


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