Monday, December 19, 2011

#795 -Submit to black hypnosis

From Submit to Black.. one of my favorite blog (and i council you to visit it;))
a beautiful arousing video, just to celebrate our 5.000.000 of pageviews! many thanks!
black cocks are a mythos.. big, large, hard, strong..
as you know.. they are simply the best for cock lovers like us.. ;))
I'm sure this fame is really well deserved..
but if you don't believe in this kind of mythos..
try to take a look to this wonderful masterpiece of hypnotic clip!
you'll love it more and more.. ;))
i guess incidental music here is by J.S.Bach or Steve Hackett..

Anna Malice


  1. This one is especially dangerous for me, being a little white "man" in a mostly black neighborhood. Many of my co-workers are big, black Men too. I don't know what any of them would do if they caught me looking lustfully at them. All the same, I love this video and I can't help myself. Thank you, Anna!

  2. Hello Anna and congratulations on 5,000,000 page views! Thanks for posting my video here, glad you enjoyed it :)

  3. Anna, I'm not so much into the "black" part of BBC, but I really loved the "submit to cock" theme! Thanks for another arousing video.


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