Wednesday, December 14, 2011

#779 - Eva Lin II

the beautiful Eva Lin (AKA: Estelle Lamore)
she is the hot protagonist of the shemale's video of today..
great, sublime.. interpretation..
she is so gorgeous and fucking feminine! ;))

Anna Malice


  1. Another great vid Anna - Thank You!
    What a georgous girl - ourtrageously sexy.
    I wish i was her with that georgous body and having that lovely cock to play with, suck and take in my sissy pussy. They really seemed to be enjoying each other.
    Thanks again Anna and please keep doing what you do I gives me great pleasure <3

  2. She's gorgeous. And a very talented cocksucker :) Love this one. Thanks Anna!

  3. Great Find Anna. You always find hott vids of all kinds it is greatly appreciated.

    I had a perfect comment to leave when I watched this here on yor blog before a while ago but, had to go unexpectedly so I cannot remember it >_<

    SO I'll just say I totally 100% agree with the two comments above me (which I do anyways) & that She is so sexxxy, feminine, so beautiful & her voice sounds just like one of my friends that is a TS.

    Thank You a bunch - Noel xoxo


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