Tuesday, December 6, 2011

#756 - Mind melting sissy hypno by AllanahVegas

A new sissy hypno blog is just started.. with a lot of courage and faith..
becouse having a personal blog.. is always a big responsability!
AllanahVegas, and her "Confessions of a Vegas Sissy Cocksucker"
i hope she will able to resist and create a sane concurrence.. with me..
otherwise maybe one day we could join our forces..
to create a super hypno sissy blog... why not?!? ;))
Just to make to her a good publicity tonight I post her first hypno creation..
short but really really cool! my big congratulations..
and thanks for your Ode to Annamalice ;))) i really appreciated..
enjoy this beautiful clip and her interesting young site
Confessions of a Vegas Sissy Cocksucker

Anna Malice


  1. Oh WOW ! I totally enjoyed that video so much. Great Work. It really upped & improved my mood 2day. I loved having my braincells fried & it's like you were in my head.

    I was at the gym earlier & I wanted to look like & b all the super hott girls there soo baddd.

    THanks Anna for your blog being back & thanks AllanahVegas for the awesome vid & your hard work u put into it.

    I hope to make a blog of my own when I have my computer fixed & privacy 100% time & the computer 2 myself uhm Im rambling so I'll just say BIG Thanks again.

    Love Noel xoxo & btw I h8 this emai name I need a new 1 asap.

    & Anna I vow to post on all your vids here & to vists all blogs & post there also asap 24/7.

  2. Excellent first attempt from Allanah! Thank you for sharing with us!

  3. Well done for a first try , i just prefer that pictures run more slowly
    Thank you for this vidéo

  4. Wow. Great work. Thank you! And thank you, Anna for this wonderful site!!

  5. Wow. Great work. Thank you! And thank you, Anna for this wonderful site!!

  6. Amazing job on this video :-)
    The progression of pics was a perfect compilation.
    They were very clear and I knew how I was supposed to feel. My brain just got fried YAY!!!

  7. Fantastic video!! Can't wait for more


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