Sunday, December 25, 2011

#813 - Lingerie Suck

another fantastic sublime hypno video.. for this christmas night..
another great premiere.. for this site.. and for you only, sissies! ;))
quality of this video is without comparisons..
music, choise of pictures and clips..
the entire concept leaved me really fashinated
if you love to be feminized.. if you need to become a sissy for real..
this is expecially for you!
So watch and re-watch it.. follow your inevitable curse..
you know.. your sissy destiny will accomplish.. with no way out! ;))

Anna Malice


  1. Great video please keep up the great work you do here thank you for all of it

  2. That was so sexy. Loved all that lacy, silky lingerie and those sexy beautiful cocks! Yummy. That one scene with the fat cock with the cock ring on penetrating that hot ass framed in lingerie. I wanted to be that girl. Keep posting such sexy trainers and hypnotic videos. So sexy!

  3. Thank you, Anna, for working on the holiday! Luv you!

  4. There were some fantastic looking sissys in this one. Frilly things and juicy cocks. Absolutely beautiful.

  5. DearAnna you are just wonderfull thank you for all you do for us you touch me in my heart and you are devoted to your fantasy and you love us too ty for making me cum everyday xxxxx i love you and happy hollyday

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  7. ... and just when I thought I couldn't go any deeper...


    thanks doll


  8. The cock at 2.34-2.36 and again at 2.47-2.57 is so wonderful


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