Friday, December 30, 2011

#828 - Maitresse Madeline - Christmas present

Tease and denial.. is an old game..
useful to your Master/Mistress.. to have total control on you!
and this is the reason because is always polite.. for a sissy.. to wear a chastity belt..
now, imagine how much erotic is.. to consign the key of your cage.. to your Mistress..
it means.. you have totally consigned yourself to her.. spontanously..
there is something more beautiful?!? for me, obviously.. not! ;))
Now, i'm sure.. you should be able to you better understand..
the magic of this Madeline's wonderful christmas clip! ;)

Anna Malice


  1. Thank You Anna - I love Maitresse - it's a wonderful holiday present.

  2. I adore her. She is so sexxy & so good at what she does. That was another great video & a wonderful christmas presnt. Thanks so much Anna. xoxo from Noel


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