Thursday, December 8, 2011

#760 - Dungeons e Fetish - Academy for Sissies

I don't really know if there are places like this..
where to learn to become a sissy..
anyway the D&F video of today... is really amazing!

Anna Malice


  1. wow, love this video. wish there were places like it here.

  2. That is extremely hot!!!
    Having 2 dominant women take control and make u a slut.

  3. OMG TOO HOTTT !!!! That has always been a fantasy of mine. 2 have 2 dominant girls turn me into a sisy slut. I love both of the redhead mistresses/godesses.I love redheads even if they are not natural.

    I used to look a lot like that sissy. Before I cut my hair yesterday into a diff feminine style & dyed & highlighted it it looked exactly just like his & I have a more girly butt then him, but also too much muscle for a gurl :( but im fixing that.

    & I have heard ther are places for being trained that you can find through searching online. I wish I just had his clothes to wear but, I will b going shoppng soon.

    Uhm Anyways ANNA THANK U. This video was So Great ! - Love Noel xoxo


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