Tuesday, December 13, 2011

#777- OMG You sissy fag (Carrol suggestion)

Sure to please you.. I'm really glade to have good news from our delicious Carrol..
another hypnotic and excellent suggestion.. for a great sissy clip indeed! ;))
As usual title is so effective.. to describe one of our frequently state of mind..
to be publicly discovered as the sissy we are..
"OMG you are sissy fag!!" what a shame.. what a dangerous situation..
it should be the worst nightmare for everyone! can you hear your heartbeat?!?
Nevertheless we are here, everyday more.. without any possibility to change..
because you love to be a sissy fag.. isn't it?!
well, in truth.. me too!!! ;))
so enjoy this beautiful hypnotic long clip!

Anna Malice


  1. video isn/'t working

  2. I do not know where you find all of these amazing files but please do keep up the excellent work. This one is mind blowing.

  3. that was pretty intense. anna, you are amazing!!!

  4. I loved this one Anna .

    Although not as good as the ones you put together

    Kisses Carla

  5. there is this reeeeally intense voice over in the last third that has gotten me all wet and touching myself feeling several cocks in my mouths at once. great job !!!

  6. Thank you, Anna, another beautiful hypno clip to help me realize my full sissy fag potential! I love that one of the voices in the audio is a Man. It would be nice to hear more hypno clips with strong, male voices commanding the listener. Thanks again!

  7. Hi Anna I'm a really big fan of yours! I've commented on several of your videos as anonymous but I'm going to start using my real name. I really appreciate all the time that you spend working on these incredible clips. This video however does not show up for me. Would you be willing if at all possible to e mail me a c lip of it. Either way keep up the fanastic work! You rock! Sincerely Robert Staxxx

  8. I like this hypno vid. Just wish there were quicker changes between the various videos. Wish videos were a quicker pace. But It's hot.

  9. Thanks Anna for posting this! I just put on a clean pair of panties when it asked PANTIES ON? I fantasize about sucking cock and am a sissy faggot beauty! I want cock and sucking cock makes me happy!


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