Saturday, December 17, 2011

#787 - Dungeons e Fetish - Chastity Fucktoy

For the D&F video of today..
an outstanding clip.. about chastity sex.. (many thanks for this suggestion Jenna!!;)
Sammi Valentine, one of my asbolute favorite, shows to us..
how wonderful is.. to be a sissy.. used by your own man!
It's not a question to love cocks.. it's not a question to make love with men..
it's to be a submissive perfect feminine slut that makes the difference!
Chastity is the best way to become more feminine! ;))
look at her way to receive pleasure only giving pleasure..
look at her clitty caged and unuseful..
she is like a perfect sissy should be!
everything you have to do.. to be more sissified, is to think to not have a cock..

Anna Malice


  1. Sammi is so fucking sexy! she looks amazing in chastity! only thing better would be if she was taking black cock! thanks Anna!

  2. Outstanding!!! Smoking hot!!! Awesome music!!! I could sit watch and be mesmerized by this all day. Thanks...with big hugs and deep wet kisses!!!

  3. Great vidéo, that is exactly what it's the sissy dream; Like you say Anna the best thing is to keep in chastity and taste the woman's side at his best.


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