Thursday, December 22, 2011

#804 - Black owned forever

Nice, really nice hypnotic clip.. tonight..
for all the black cock addicted sissies of this site! ;))
it's a pure case.. if i found a particolar intense concentrations
of black cocks hypno video in the last times.
just to be clear.. my taste about dicks.. is not for black cocks only..
anyway they are always really arousing for me! ;))
well, video of tonight is really fabolous..
because it introduces the themes of the orde of black cocks..
of course, black or white.. cocks orde to satisfy.. is a really nice concept.. isn't it'?!

Anna Malice


  1. Before I realized (with the help of hyno videos) that I was a sissy faggot I used to fantasize about black men taking my wife like this. Now, of course, it's me in the woman's place! Thank you, Anna, very nice!

  2. Just wondering if anyone on here is a member of Our Dirty Pleasure, and could send me an invite maybe?

  3. Everything in that clip , the still pics, the music, & the vid clips were all awesome. I'd like to look & be used like the girls in that but, I just didn't really like the N word being used but, besides that a great vid. Good posted vid as always Anna. From Noel xoxo


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